Brake Failure

Brake Failure Trucking Accidents

Why Do Brake Failures Occur?

Brake failures on large trucks have the potential to cause very serious accidents. A truck’s brakes have to endure hefty loads and suffer from wear and tear relatively quickly. If improperly maintained, brakes can fail and lead to devastating collisions.

  • Brake failure most often occurs due to:
  • Improper use - Some operators disconnect the front brakes in order to save money and increase a tire's lifespan.
  • The age of the equipment - Brakes can dramatically heat up due to overuse, or from sudden stopping (especially at high speeds).
  • Improper maintenance or repairs - Companies are required by law to conduct routine maintenance in order to check for worn parts, poorly adjusted brakes, or for overheated brakes
  • Overloaded cargo - When a truck's cargo exceed its capacity, this can put added stress on brakes and even prevent a driver from braking in time to avoid a crash.

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Who Is Liable in a Brake Failure Accident?

Determining the liable party requires extensive investigation into everyone involved, from the manufacturer to the truck driver and trucking company.

Depending on the circumstances, liability for a truck's brake failure can fall on:

  • The truck driver, if he or she manipulated the brakes in any way
  • The truck maintenance company, if they improperly installed or failed to properly inspect the brakes
  • The loading company, if they improperly loaded or overloaded the truck

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