Failure to Yield

Failure to Yield in Truck Accident Cases

Yielding is a basic rule of the road that all motorists must follow. This involves not only stopping at a Stop sign, but also paying attention to Yield signs to avoid collisions with other vehicles. Unfortunately truck accidents can be caused by a truck driver failing to pay attention to traffic signs or failing to yield the right of way. Whether due to driver fatigue or drunk driving, truck driver negligence is unacceptable.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a truck driver who failed to yield, contact us for a free consultation.

Types of Crashes Caused by Not Yielding:

Squeeze Play and Wide Turns

Squeeze play is a term used to describe a truck accident that occurs when a truck driver makes a turn. For example, if a tractor trailer needs to make a right turn, it will swing left to negotiate the turn. The trucks often need to make wide turns. This can cause the truck to get involved in an accident in two ways.

  • First, when the truck swings left, it can squeeze a car between it and the curb. This occurs because truck drivers are often unable to see cars right next to them (the cars in truck driver’s blind spot).
  • And second, cars attempting to pass on the right, or driving on the right, but in the truck driver’s blind spot, are also susceptible to accidents from the squeeze play. This kind of accident is also referred to as a swinging turn accident.

Left Turn Intersections

When trucks are making a left turn at an intersection, approaching vehicles from the opposite direction can collide into the truck's trailor. In this situations, truck drivers may be running a red light or failed to yield to oncoming cars in order to make this turn.

Pedestrian Stop Signs

Vehicles are required to make a full stop at Stop signs to avoid running into pedestrians. If a truck failed to do so and injures somebody as a result, the driver can be held liable.

Merging onto Highways

When entering a freeway, drivers must yield to vehicles that are already on a highway. Freeways are often the location of serious crashes because of the speed and impact of vehicles present on the roads.

Beware of Truck Blind Spots

Trucks have huge blind spots or no zone areas. Typically, the larger the truck, the larger the blind spot. We all know about blind spots on the sides of our vehicle. The tractor trailer driver has a blind spot in the rear (back) of the truck, as well as in the front of the truck. Be aware of truck blind spots, and avoid these areas as far as possible. Typically, if you cannot see the truck driver in his mirror, the truck driver most likely cannot see you.

The larger the truck, the larger the blind spot. Know how to drive safely!

If you were hurt in a truck accident, contact an attorney to learn more about pursuing compensation for the injuries you sustained.


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