In this modern age of technological advancement, PowerPoint presentations are one of the most commonly used computer programs for meetings, slideshows and in the legal setting, trials. Not long ago, a trial lawyer used only words to tell their client’s story to a jury. Now, PowerPoint presentations allow the use of visual aids in telling that story. Where complex factors are present, such as rotational acceleration/deceleration or cavitation, showing as well as telling is a crucial difference in the jury’s understanding of the mechanism of the injury.

The Scarlett Law Group, in order to assist the jury with complex expert testimony, routinely utilizes PowerPoint presentations to drive home the expert’s testimony. Two examples follow:

The first, (see immediately below), involved a low-speed rear end collision causing only $498 damage to the plaintiff’s vehicle. The central issue of damages was hotly contested. The defense argued that the forces involved in this low impact accident were not sufficient to cause the injuries that the plaintiff alleged. Through the use of the following PowerPoint presentation, among many other pieces of demonstrative evidence, the Scarlett Law Group was able to establish that while the linear acceleration forces were quite low, the rotational acceleration forces involved in the accident were strong enough to cause plaintiff to sustain a traumatic brain injury. The case resulted in a record-setting verdict in Placer County.


click above download PowerPoint

The second example, see below, involved a plaintiff who was injured when one of the legs of his stool upon which he was seated slipped into a hole in a casino floor, throwing the plaintiff head first into a slot machine table.

While the hospital records from the day of the accident only indicated a slight bruise and headache, plaintiff developed problems with executive function and social skills. The defense again contended that the forces involved were not sufficient to cause a brain injury. The Scarlett Law Group utilized some of the nation’s premier experts on brain injury and physics to establish that the forces were, in fact, sufficient to cause the injuries plaintiff sustained. Click the picture below to view a PowerPoint presentation explaining the various tests used to establish forces involved in the accident:

Click above download PowerPoint

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