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Garlic Festival Shooting Lawsuits

Scarlett Law Group Represents Victims

On July 28th, 2019, an armed gunman attacked and killed three people attending the Gilroy Garlic Festival, severely wounding a dozen others. He was able to easily break into the festival grounds to open fire on the innocents who were only there to have a good time as a community.

In the pursuit of justice for those who lost their lives, their families, and the survivors, Scarlett Law Group has filed a lawsuit on behalf of five survivors against the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association (GGFA) and their security companies. The negligent lack of security and preparedness cost innocent people their lives and wellbeing. To help ensure no similar tragedy unfolds again, our law firm seeks to hold the GGFA accountable for that negligence, prompting them and other festival organizers to take security more seriously.

Do You Need to File a Garlic Festival Shooting Lawsuit?

At Scarlett Law Group, Attorney Randall Scarlett is currently working with five of the shooting survivors who came to him for help. Were you or a loved one a victim of the Garlic Festival shooting as well but did not know where to turn? Please reach out to our law firm by calling (415) 688-2176 at your first opportunity. You may have a valid claim to file a lawsuit against the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association for your damages.

Ideally, your claim will include proof, evidence, or documents that show:

  • You attended the Garlic Festival at the time and date of the shooting.
  • You were physically and seriously injured by the gunman.
  • You have experienced actual damages as a result of your injuries or traumatization, like medical costs or lost wages.

Why is the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association Liable?

The negligence of the GGFA is simply inexcusable and egregious enough to make the Association liable for the harm caused by the gunman. In today’s age, festival organizers must accept that there is a chance their event will be targeted by a gunman. Yet, the GGFA failed to take reasonable precautions which would have prevented this tragedy from occurring. All 85,000 people attending the festival in July 2019 were promised a safe and secure place to celebrate together, and it was not delivered.

According to the lawsuit we have already filed for five survivors, GGFA failed to, among other things:

  • Foresee the distinct possibility of a mass shooting
  • Conduct a threat assessment or security audit of the festival grounds
  • Install appropriate sturdy perimeter fencing around the event that is properly monitored
  • Place security guards and checkpoints around the event
  • Maintain clear lines of sight to the perimeter in vulnerable areas, such as where the shooter gained entry to Festival grounds.

As Attorney Scarlett noted, “People in Gilroy know you can hop the fence and get in for free.” The shooter snuck in similarly with an AK-47 style assault rifle equipped with a seventy-five (75) round drum style magazine and carrying at least four forty (40) round magazines by easily getting in through the flimsy unmonitored and unsupported fence near the back of the festival. With the ease of breaking into the Garlic Festival being common knowledge, the GGFA’s lack of security protocols can only be described as negligent.

Other Factors Contributing to GGFA Negligence

Attorney Scarlett has also studied the GGFA’s venue contract with the city of Gilroy. He was able to uncover that the description of the event and how it is to be managed has not changed since 1985. As such, the contract did not and could not contemplate the modern-day realities of hosting a large-scale public event such as the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Further, it is believed the security protocols were grossly outdated, and that the Defendants failed to adhere to Federal guidelines for outdoor events, namely the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Protective Measures Guide for U.S. Outdoor Venues Industry, which were first introduced nearly a decade ago.

Festival attendees also described the scene after the shooter was neutralized as chaotic and notably lacking medical and emergency personnel. One of Attorney Scarlett’s current clients was initially treated by other guests because no medical personnel came to her aid. Her wounds were washed with a rough mixture of water and bleach due to the absence of adequate medical supplies and personnel at the Garlic Festival.

We Will Be Your Voice in This Trying Time

You deserve justice, and the people of Gilroy deserve to feel safe at any future community events. By filing a claim against the Gilroy Garlic Festival Association and the City of Gilroy – Attorney Scarlett is currently working on a separate claim to file against the City of Gilroy – you can demand justice for yourself as a survivor of the Garlic Festival shooting. You will also become a voice for responsible security policy change for outdoor events in Gilroy and beyond.

To let yourself rest and try to recuperate as best you can from the traumatic event, let Scarlett Law Group act on your behalf. We can proudly be your voice and legal representatives during your claim, from start to finish. Together, we can make a difference.

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