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Scarlett Law Group: Service Arrangements

Scarlett Law Group offers the expertise that can only be delivered by a high-quality boutique civil trial law firm. With a proven track record in the representation of individuals catastrophically injured, survivors of those deceased through the wrongful conduct of others, and businesses sustaining economic harm, the firm has the creative flexibility to fashion fee arrangements in a manner beneficial to the best interests of clients.

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Scarlett Law Group provides quality legal services tailored to the individual needs of each case. We understand that no matter how complex a case may be, each and every client has individual needs and goals that s/he wishes to accomplish through the claims or litigation process.

Headed by trial lawyer Randall H. Scarlett, Scarlett Law Group has the experience, ability and resources to provide quality representation to those in need on a local, national or international basis. Fee arrangements are designed and tailored to fit the needs of each client and allow for a productive response to each client’s individual case.

(i) Contingency Fee

A contingency fee is a charge for legal services that is contingent upon the lawyer winning the case. If the lawyer does not win the case, the client owes no fee. The contingent fee arrangement allows individuals and businesses that could otherwise not afford legal representation to hire experienced and competent counsel. Simply put, a contingent fee levels the “playing field” in the legal arena. In an era of increasing legal complexity and escalating hourly professional fees ($300 to $1,000 per hour in metropolitan law firms) many clients do not have the substantial funds required in order to pay counsel to prosecute their meritorious case.

The contingent fee gives them this chance. Scarlett Law Group represents plaintiffs seeking to prosecute meritorious actions on a contingent fee basis, where permitted by law. A very stringent review process is utilized, however, prior to the firm’s acceptance of contingent cases.

(ii) Hybrid Contingent / Retain / Billed / Paid Costs Arrangement

Numerous different “hybrid” blends of agreements are utilized in order to better serve our clients within the capabilities of the firm. Varying circumstances permit flexibility in arrangements with clients. From straight hourly billing, to retainers credited toward potential contingent recoveries, to cost payment arrangements, the Scarlett Law Group is committed to profitable flexibility in its fee arrangements.

(iii ) Committee Fee Billing/Lode Star Billing

Complex litigation, especially mass disaster/mass tort cases, often involve the court’s selection of a steering committee. The steering committee performs work that usually benefits a greater group of clients (common benefit) than those directly represented by the lawyer/members of the steering committee. Accordingly, an award of “committee fees” is not uncommon in these cases. These fees are taken, by a Court ordered percentage or amount, from all clients in the litigation, whether or not represented by the members of the committee. The committee members (lawyers performing committee work) divide these fees, in addition to the fees they earn pursuant to contract with their own clients. Scarlett Law Group’s continuing involvement in the mass disaster/mass tort arena assures recoupment of committee fees. Clients of the firm benefit from the firm’s appointment on the steering committee through knowledge gained by counsel serving in this capacity.

(iv) Class Action Fees

Where the firm becomes involved in the prosecution of class action litigation, the fees are ultimately set by the Court at the conclusion of the case. These fees can either be based on hourly rates or percentage, taking into consideration a number of factors analyzed by the Court. In certain instances, the class action process is the only procedure which can adequately handle the common claims of numerous similarly situated individuals.

(v) Statutory Fees/Prevailing Party Clauses

Scarlett Law Group provides its clients with every benefit available them pursuant to the law, including the benefit of the statutory entitlement to an award of attorneys’ fees, where permitted. Civil Rights Litigation is a prime example of an area where counsel may be entitled to the recovery of attorneys’ fees, from the losing party, as determined to be appropriate by the Court. In these cases, the firm works with the client in fashioning an appropriate fee arrangement fostering the successful prosecution of the client’s action.

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