San Bruno Explosion

San Bruno Explosion Lawyers Fighting for Your Legal Rights

Even though most of us never feel safer than when we’re in our homes, the truth of the matter is that this level of safety depends on many things that most of us are not aware of at any given time. Tragically, one of those unseen variables turned violently against the homeowners of San Bruno last week when a disastrous explosion destroyed dozens of homes, killed several people and injured countless others.

If you or someone you love has been harmed in this situation, you need to seek the immediate help of experienced San Bruno explosion lawyers. Below is a brief overview of this situation in legal terms.

San Bruno Explosion Issues – Liability

The first question that arises in legal terms regards the identity of the party or parties who could be responsible for these deaths, injuries and the destruction of these homes. In a statement after the explosion, Pacific Gas & Electric, commonly known as PG&E, admitted responsibility for an underground gas pipe that failed.

This failure of the pipe ignited the explosion that led to a fire with flames reaching as high as 100 feet from the ground. Utilities like PG&E have a legal responsibility to monitor these situations, and one of the many factors that could work against them is the fact that several residents had reported smelling gas-like fumes in the days and weeks before the explosion occurred.

San Bruno Explosion Issues – Potential Damages

In disasters like this one, the types of legal claims that could be filed and the types of damages that could be sought will vary widely depending on the type of harm that a particular person or people have suffered. Below are just a few examples of the types of legal claims that could be made against PG&E and forms of damages that could be sought.

  • Personal injury claims – According to reports, dozens of people suffered injuries that included severe burns and injuries related to smoke inhalation. Each of these injuries will give rise to medical costs, the potential for lost income and pain and suffering on the part of those who suffered these injuries, all of which can be sought in legal claims against PG&E.
  • Wrongful death claims – Tragically, at least six people were killed in this San Bruno explosion, and the families of those who were killed could potentially file California wrongful death lawsuits against PG&E. If these claims were successful, damages could be awarded for medical, funeral and burial costs as well as lost income and loss of companionship.
  • Property damage claims – Clearly, with almost 60 homes being completely destroyed and almost 250 additional buildings damaged, claims will be made to compensate the property owners for their economic losses. These claims could be made against PG&E or even against insurance companies if they deny proper claims for these damages.

How San Bruno Explosion Lawyers Can Help

Obviously, no amount of damages will replace a life, a home or the memories inside of every structure that were lost. However, the law does provide for the seeking of the enforcement of the legal rights that have been trampled in this explosion.

If this includes you or someone you love, contact the San Bruno explosion lawyers at the Scarlett Law Group today at (415) 688-2176to schedule a free initial consultation.


  • $5 BILLION Professional Negligence
  • $1.2 BILLION Catastrophic Injury
  • $49 MILLION Brain Injury
  • $26 MILLION Medical Malpractice
  • $18.6 MILLION Wrongful Death
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