Biomechanics Etiology Injury

Biomechanics Etiology Injury

Spinal cord injury results from an insult to the spinal cord. The insult can be from direct external physical harm (severed cord, crushed cord, compression injuries, vertebral dislocation/fracture, etc.), as well as indirect harm (compression resulting from adjacent hemorrhage, disturbance in blood supply resulting in infarction, hemorrhagic applied pressure). Whatever the mechanism of insult, the result is usually paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Paraplegia results from injury or insult to the thoracic, lumbar or sacral areas of the spinal cord. Survivors with paraplegia generally lose physical and sensory capability (movement and feeling) in lower areas of the body (typically waist and lower).

Quadriplegia results from injury or insult to the cervical area of the spinal cord. Survivors with quadriplegia generally lose physical and sensory capability (movement and feeling) in both upper and lower areas of the body. Impairment extends to all four limbs.

Spinal cord injuries are described as “complete” (abrogation of nerve signals passing below the level of insult), or “incomplete” (abrogation of some of the signals passing below level of insult). The point on the cord below which there is decreased sensation or movement is described as the level of injury.

Spinal cord injuries result from a plethora of tragedies, including motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence, slip and falls, construction accidents, disease, excessive force, sports accidents, and other causes. Due to the potentially exhaustless list of insult resulting causes, liability concerns will vary widely, and cannot be addressed herein. Suffice it to say, however, liability must be carefully examined at the outset, before counsel ever signs the case. Predictably, younger males (15 to 28 year olds) are at greater risk and account for the majority of spinal cord injuries.

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  • $5 BILLION Professional Negligence
  • $1.2 BILLION Catastrophic Injury
  • $49 MILLION Brain Injury
  • $26 MILLION Medical Malpractice
  • $18.6 MILLION Wrongful Death
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