Truck Accidents Caused by Illegal Parking

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The NTSB reported in 2000 that the percent of large truck accidents involving illegally parked vehicles on shoulders is a small number (0.3 percent). The shortage of long-term parking for commercial and loaded vehicles on the National Highway System is a problem. Drivers perceive a shortage of available parking. For truck stops, only 34% of drivers stated they “almost always” or “frequently” find available parking, 51% “sometimes” find available parking and 16% “rarely” or “never” find available parking. For rest areas, only 11% “almost always” and “frequently” find parking, 41% “sometimes” find parking, and 48% reported “rarely” or “almost never” finding available parking.

Drivers commented that more parking is needed during overnight hours and near metropolitan areas. Certain regions of the country, such as the northeast, the northwest, and southern California, were perceived to need more parking. As a result, drivers may drive for longer than is safe, or may find them unable to obtain undisturbed sleep during a rest period. There have been some incidents reported regarding the truck driver not having rested or having not taken enough rest because there was insufficient parking for him to rest. There is an urgent need for more truck parking so that truck drivers can rest when they need to have a rest. The lack of safe available parking contributes to driver fatigue. Driver fatigue is a large contributor of truck accidents.

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