Accidents Caused by Falling Debris

Trucks haul a variety of material over short and/or large distances. They are used to transport construction material, logs, trees, garbage, hazardous material to the dumping grounds etc. Such cargo needs to be secured properly depending on the type.

The law states that, a vehicle cannot be driven or moved on any highway unless the vehicle is so constructed, covered, or loaded as to prevent any of its contents or load other than clear water or feathers from live birds. Aggregate materials can only be carried in the cargo area of a vehicle. The cargo area cannot contain any holes, cracks, or openings through which that material may escape, regardless of the degree to which the vehicle is loaded. Debris falling from improperly loaded trucks can cause serious car accidents.

Many trucks have unsecured or poorly secured loads. Some cartage companies may leave their netting open on the top truck with garbage, or other stuff flying out of it. Some open top gravel trucks continue to pop off gravel onto windshields of surrounding cars. However, investigation of these accidents can be difficult. Handling insurance claims for people injured by debris falling from tractor-trailers and other trucks can be handled only by good experienced lawyers especially in cases where the person responsible cannot be determined.

One sorry incident of such a sad case is sited below.

In Florida one woman was killed when debris fell from an overturned tractor trailer and landed on her car. The truck had overturned on the overpass ramp and dumped some of its load (construction debris and tree roots) on the highway below, smashing into her minivan. This could have been avoided by taking proper care in securing the cargo.

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