Research Shows How Adult Brain Resets After TBI


At Scarlett Law Group, we know that clients who have suffered serious injuries to the brain and spinal cord face daunting challenges that impact their ability to perform everyday tasks. And while medical science hasn’t advanced far enough to fully repair major brain or spinal cord damage, a new study claims there is a "transcriptional roadmap of regeneration in the adult brain."

According to the author of the study, Mark Tuszynski, MD, Ph.D., some of the modern tools used for “neuroscience, molecular genetics, virology, and computational power,” have allowed him and his colleagues at the Translational Neuroscience Institute at UC San Diego School of Medicine to “identify how the entire set of genes in an adult brain cell resets itself in order to regenerate.” This new information will give researchers “fundamental insight into how, at a transcriptional level, regeneration happens.”

Dr. Tuszynski and his team discovered that mature neurons found in adult brains will “revert back to an embryonic state” after a serious injury. Dr. Tuszynski notes that this is a major revelation considering that just two decades ago the scientific community believed the adult brain was “static, terminally differentiated, fully established, and immutable." However, more recent research shows that new brain cells are continually produced in the hippocampus and subventricular zone. Additionally, these regions of the brain are replenished throughout a person’s life.

Speaking about the significance of his research, Dr. Tuszynski had the following to say:

"The brain's ability to repair or replace itself is not limited to just two areas. Instead, when an adult brain cell of the cortex is injured, it reverts (at a transcriptional level) to an embryonic cortical neuron. And in this reverted, far less mature state, it can now regrow axons if it is provided an environment to grow into. In my view, this is the most notable feature of the study and is downright shocking."

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