How to File a Catastrophic Injury Claim in California

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If you or your loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury, you may be dealing with emotional, physical, and economical distress. A catastrophic injury doesn’t only result in extensive medical expenses, but it also permanently impacts a person’s life. If you or your loved one’s catastrophic injuries were caused because of another person’s negligent behavior, you shouldn’t have to pay the consequences. The San Francisco catastrophic injury attorneys at Scarlett Law Group explain what you have to do to file a catastrophic injury claim.

Gather Information About the Accident

Regardless if you were injured on the job or in a car accident, you should gather all the information you can about the accident. Taking notes or pictures of what occurred on the day of the accident or ask witnesses for information to uphold your case. You should also visit your doctor to get a medical record right after the accident. This will help prove that your injuries were a direct result of the accident caused by another. An attorney will also have the resources to investigate your case further.

Ensure You Are Within the Statute of Limitations

In the state of California, people only have two years after the date of an accident to file a catastrophic injury claim. It’s important to verify that you are still within that period to file a claim. If you don’t file a claim within the two years, you lose the right to seek financial compensation. For such reasons, it’s vital to start your catastrophic injury claim as quickly as possible.

Hire an Experienced Catastrophic Injury Attorney

It’s essential to have an experienced attorney representing you for your catastrophic injury case. Personal injury cases can be complex, so having a lawyer on your side who has the knowledge and resources can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Since catastrophic injuries are expensive to treat and result in extensive emotional distress, it’s vital to get the compensation you deserve to help you protect you and your family’s future.

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