Can a Person Lose Empathy After Sustaining a TBI?

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Do you have a loved one in your life who seems different after suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI)? Over the last few decades, researchers have established that the loss of one’s ability to recognize and empathize with the feelings of others can diminish after suffering a TBI. Unfortunately, this can have a devastating impact on the family due to the emotional tension that tends to arise in these situations. 

Emotional & Behavioral Changes After a TBI

A person with a TBI will often go through various emotional and behavioral changes. For example, you may notice your loved one gets angrier much easier than they used to or acts more aggressively than they did prior to their injury. Another common problem researchers identified is that TBIs are also linked to issues recognizing others’ emotions, as well as an inability to share another’s feelings. According to the research, the prevalence rates of issues with emotional recognition and decreased empathy are 39% and 60%.

Helping a Loved One with a TBI

While clinicians are still working on new methods to evaluate emotion recognition and empathy in patients with TBI, support from families can go a long way in helping loved ones improve in this particular area. Families can explain to their loved ones the different ways they have changed since sustaining their injury and then set goals for rehabilitation.

Research from the Netherlands shows that family member participation combined with recognition and empathic response treatment can aid in a person’s recovery. The best thing family members can do for a loved one with a TBI is to try to be more direct and explicit when communicating their emotions and expectations. Combing all of these efforts can reduce stress and improve the overall recovery process.

Why You Need an Attorney for a TBI Injury

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