Brain Injuries Can Happen to Anyone: Celebrities Who Suffered TBI

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We’re all human, and it’s because of this fact that anything that can happen to you or someone you love can also affect someone who you’d consider rich and famous. It can be helpful to be reminded that even those we may sometimes regard as “untouchable” by tragedy are just as vulnerable as anyone else.

While the thousands of Americans who suffer from traumatic brain injuries every year don’t always make headlines, those with a certain amount of fame or gravitas almost always do. While each incidence of TBI is as tragic as the next, there is an opportunity to draw attention to this debilitating and deadly condition when we become aware of well-known and liked people who have been afflicted by them.

Lady Gaga

While performing on stage in 2012, pop musician Lady Gaga was struck in the head by a prop that was accidentally dropped by a backup dancer. While the singer suffered a concussion from the incident, a later MRI scan showed that she was not expected to suffer further from the injury.

Gary Busey

Back in 1988, actor Gary Busy fractured his skull and suffered a TBI after crashing his motorcycle without a helmet on. In an interview on The Tonight Show with David Letterman, Busey said his TBI lowered “mental filters” and caused him to speak and act more impulsively than he did before the accident.

Angelina Jolie

While Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy and removal of her ovaries did a lot to draw attention to breast and ovarian cancer, was also nearly afflicted by TBI. Famous for performing her own stunts, Jolie was filming scenes for Salt in 2009 when she was hit in the head by a stage light.

Although she had a small cut bleeding from her forehead, there was significant concern that the actress’ mild concussion caused worse damage to her brain. Jolie was rushed to the hospital as a precaution, but later released by doctors and spent the rest of the day doing blue screen work.

Roald Dahl

Before he became a famed and beloved children’s author, Roald Dahl suffered a skull fracture and traumatic brain injury when he crash-landed his fighter aircraft in Egypt during World War II. In a confluence of unfortunate factors, the night was approaching, and Dahl was low on fuel and unable to locate his airstrip. He attempted a landing in the desert but struck a boulder that caused his aircraft to crash and cause his injuries.

After the accident, Dahl said a darker side to his personality came to light along with a diminished sense of embarrassment and greater confidence. He channeled these consequences of his injury into at least 34 books for children that are famous for an underlying sense of dark humor.

Jackie Chan

Famous as a martial arts master and movie star, Jackie Chan is also well known for performing all of his own stunts. In the 1980s, however, this almost cost him his life when he was filming “Armour of God.” The sequence required Chan to pop open a beer, take a swig, and lead from a ledge and into a tree. During an attempt to perform the stunt, a tree branch broke and sent the actor plummeting to the ground, where his head struck a rock.

The incident resulted in a serious injury that fractured Chan’s skull and pierced his brain, demanding immediate brain surgery. Despite his near-death incident more than 30 years ago, the actor lived on and continues to do his own stunts despite being in his 60s.

Richard Hammond

In 2006, Top Gear television presenter Richard Hammond was filming an episode of the show when he was involved in a high-speed dragster crash. Hammond was traveling at 319 mph in a jet-powered car when one of the vehicle’s tires blew out, causing the vehicle to roll out of control. After he awoke from a two-week coma, Hammond said he suffered from post-traumatic amnesia along with general memory loss, depression, and difficulty experiencing emotions.

Did You Suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury?

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