Updated Guidelines for Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnoses in Children

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One of the reasons why childhood traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are so problematic is that doctors have a difficult time diagnosing them. Children who suffer a mild TBI — or even some moderate TBIs — might not exhibit clear outward symptoms, and they may struggle to explain the pain they are feeling to medical providers. Or, in some cases, a parent might not take a mild TBI seriously because they figure that children roughhouse by nature and get hurt regularly. The delay in diagnosis will only worsen the injury.

To help medical providers diagnose and treat childhood TBI early, the Pediatric Critical Care Medicine journal recently published an updated TBI diagnosis guideline. About 600,000 children in the country go to the emergency room each year for suspected TBIs — and 7,000 suffer a TBI-related fatality. The updated diagnoses will hopefully help get these numbers under control and lowered.

The updated diagnosis techniques are not simply improved explanations of what healthcare providers and parents should look for in a child with a head injury, though. There is also reportedly a new method based on a mathematical algorithm. Bedside caregivers are instructed to study the behaviors and health reports of a child patient who may have a TBI and use that information to plug into the algorithmic program. The computation reportedly provides an accurate estimation of the child’s chances of having an underlying, undiagnosed TBI.

(For more information about the updated TBI diagnostic tools, you can click here to view a full article from the News Medical Life Sciences publication.)

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