Amputation Injury Claims: Considering Lifelong Consequences

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An amputation injury is one of the most dramatic and noticeable forms of catastrophic injury. Despite the severity of such an injury, though, many insurance companies will try to undervalue the damages suffered by the individual when they file a claim. Insurance companies try to look for the smallest amount possible to give to a claimant, but Scarlett Law Group and our San Francisco amputation injury attorneys know their tactics. We have the skill and experience needed to pursue fair and maximized compensation for our clients who have suffered an amputation injury.

Future Medical Costs & Lessened Enjoyment of Life

Key considerations in an amputation injury claim are future medical costs and the lessened enjoyment of life. Future medical costs do not just speak of what is done in the hospital to treat an amputation patient. The total amount of costs have to also think about rehabilitative care, such as learning how to use a prosthetic arm to complete day-to-day tasks.

Costs associated with changing to an amputation patient’s living space also have to be tabulated. For example, someone who loses a leg in a car accident will likely need to have a wheelchair ramp installed outside their home, or maybe even a motorized chair that goes up the stairs in their home. The cost to install or build these modifications can be steep, so they must be considered in the claim.

The lessened enjoyment of life an amputation patient experiences must also be considered in their claim. Emotional damages are sometimes the most sizeable damages in a personal injury claim, after all. Losing a hand, foot, arm, or leg to any degree is understandably traumatizing. An especially violent accident that causes amputation may haunt the survivor for many years, or the rest of their life. The noneconomic damages they receive must be calculated in their claim.

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