Long-Term Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Any severe head injury can cause trauma to the brain. In some cases, the extent of the injury isn’t obvious at first, which is why it’s so important to immediately see a doctor after sustaining a blow to the head. Even if you think the blow wasn’t very severe, you could be bleeding internally or suffering from other problems that could be life threatening if left unchecked.


The next step after seeing a doctor is to consult with a personal injury lawyer about the possibility of taking legal action. If your injury was caused by the reckless, negligent or criminal behavior of another party, you’re entitled to compensation. Seeing a brain injury attorney is especially important in this situation because the long-term effects of this type of injury can be so devastating.


If you’re looking for immediate help in the case of a traumatic brain injury, please contact Scarlett Law Group now.

Long-Term Damage

The effects of a brain injury will be different for each person. Some of the long-term effects that may occur include:

  • Memory or mood problems.

  • Partial paralysis.

  • Difficulty speaking or understanding language.

  • Coma.

  • Struggles with cognitive function.

  • Numbness in the arms or legs.

  • Difficulty maintaining balance.

  • Increased risk of stroke, seizures, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other conditions.

In addition, some brain injuries require long-term medical care, which can be especially financially burdensome.

Common Causes

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to suffer an extreme accident to end up with a traumatic brain injury. These injuries can occur as a result of minor accidents.


The most common causes of brain injury include:

  • Slip and falls.

  • Vehicular accidents.

  • Sports injuries.

  • Combat injuries.

  • Violent crimes/assaults

If you experienced one of these incidents, you should seek medical attention immediately. Some brain injuries do not show signs immediately. A medical professional can give you a proper diagnosis so that you don’t run the risk of having a brain injury go undiagnosed.

Legal Options for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Just like you will meet with many specialists and experts in the field of medicine to help with treating your brain injury, you’ll want to find a personal injury lawyer who specializes in brain injury cases. Look for a personal injury firm with a track record of helping clients with this type of litigation. Ask about trial experience. You want to make sure that your lawyer has experience with trials as well as settlements.


If you’ve suffered from a brain injury and another party is at fault, you need assistance from a legal team you can trust. For over 25 years, Randall H. Scarlett has been fighting for clients throughout California, specializing in the areas of personal injury, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death litigation. Contact us now to set up your free consultation with a brain injury attorney you can believe in.


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