Tell Your Senators to Support the TBI State Grant Program

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In September 2019, the U.S. Senate will start working on its appropriations bill. During this time, programs new and preexisting will be reviewed, either being continued, expanded, defunded, or discontinued. One such program up for review is the TBI State Grant Program, which is part of the Senate Appropriations bill.

If this program is approved by a majority vote, it will increase funding available for brain injury research by $1 million. The program is currently funded at roughly $12.3 million. A passing vote would grow the program by 8%, a reasonable amount that will go to great use supporting brain injury studies, treatments, and support programs for family members living with a TBI patient.

To learn more about the TBI State Grant Program and its benefits, you can visit:

To support the TBI State Grant Program, we encourage you to tell your Senators to support it! They might not know how important this Program is and what it does. But you and everyone you know can help bring it to light and make a difference.

Click here to learn how to contact your Senator today! Remember to tell them to support the TBI State Grant Program.

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