How Many People Recover from a Severe Brain Injury?

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After suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you are definitely going to wonder about your chances of making healthy, steady recovery. Or, if your loved one has suffered a TBI and fallen into a coma due to it, you will certainly be wondering how likely they will recover.

Part of the trouble of moderate and severe TBIs is the relative unpredictability of a patient’s response to treatments and their overall recovery. Some people react well to treatments and start to see major improvements in the first 60 days, but others may seem to react not at all to treatments. Medical professionals are constantly reevaluating treatment options and looking into emerging research to try to find a better way to diagnose a brain injury so that it can be accurately treated.

Circumstances that can worsen a TBI prognosis include:

  • Patient falls into a long-lasting coma. Shorter comas tend to be indicative of less severe brain injuries and better chances of full recoveries.
  • Patient experiences significant or long-lasting amnesia. Memory loss can serve as a benchmark for a TBI patient’s chances of an optimal recovery. The less memory loss, the better.
  • Patient is older than 60 years of age. As with many other types of injuries, TBIs tend to be more impactful on seniors than younger people.

Statistics About TBI Recovery Two Years Later

Take a look at statistics about TBI patient livelihoods two years after their TBI occurred:

  • About 33% or one-third of TBI patients still require some sort of supervision or assistance each day.
  • About 7% of TBI patients are placed into an assisted living facility, or no longer live in their own private residence.
  • Approximately 30% of TBI patients live with their spouse or parents for needed assistance.
  • About 33% keep gainful, full-time employment, but 30% are unemployed, mostly due to complications related to their TBI.

Take Control of Your Future Care & Wellbeing

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