Can You Use Healthcare Coverage to Help with Brain Injury Treatments?

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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) will dramatically and permanently change your life. The disabilities caused by the average TBI will limit what you are able to do on your own, or at all. However, a major change you will experience that few people talk about upfront is the financial damage a TBI will cause.

It is generally estimated that a moderate to severe TBI will require at least $3 million to treat across a lifetime. A mild TBI can require lifetime medical treatments that total between $500,000 and $1 million, by reasonable estimates.

What treatments are contributing to these high costs of care after a TBI?

  • Emergency medical response: Severe TBIs often occur after a serious accident that call for emergency responders to be dispatched to the scene.
  • Emergency room care: There is no time to lose when trying to treat or minimize a TBI, so a brain injury patient will need to be taken to the emergency room at once. Emergency surgery may be required, which will spike medical costs.
  • Intensive care unit: After emergency room treatments are finished, TBI patients usually go to the ICU for close monitoring by a team of highly specialized medical professionals.
  • Rehabilitation: After hospitalization is completed, a TBI patient will need all sorts of rehabilitation to adjust to or overcome their disabilities caused by the injury.

By the time all of these needed treatments are completed, the cost of care will be steep. Lifelong treatment requirements also means the costs are never truly fully tabulated. The pressing question becomes, “Will healthcare insurance cover these costs?” Unfortunately, not always.

Most peoples’ health insurance is somewhat basic, being provided by an employer who meets the minimum legal standards set for insurance policies. As such, you might have as little as one week of hospitalization covered through insurance before the policy caps out. At that point, you have to decide to either continue your care by paying out-of-pocket, or stop your care. Neither option is in your best interests.

Using Legal Action to Get the Coverage You Need

There is another option, thankfully: lawsuits and litigation. At Scarlett Law Group of San Francisco, we proudly fight for brain injury patients who have been wrongfully injured and risk not receiving adequate treatment due to financial limitations. We do not back down from a legal fight, and we do not rest until a maximized compensation amount is secured for our brain injury clients.

Call (415) 688-2176 to speak with our personal injury team about your case right away.

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