NYC Public Housing, Leading Poisoning & Possible Brain Injuries

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The New York City Housing Authority is under the microscope right now for allegedly hiding reports that multiple public housing locations throughout the city had unacceptably high levels of lead. The Department of Health previously stated low numbers of children tested for lead poisoning, but a deeper inquiry showed otherwise.

According to the latest information made available, at least 130 children between 2015 and 2017 have experienced dangerous lead poisoning due to their living conditions in public housing. To make matters worse, the NYCHA apparently knew of the lead-paint hazards in those residences but falsified or hid reports that warned of them. Indeed, it is possible the New York Department of Health stopped sending inspectors to the locations for multiple years.

Mayor de Blasio has promised an increased effort to conduct thorough lead poisoning tests throughout public housing residences and apartments. However, it might be too little and too late an effort. Once lead poisoning sets in, it can cause significant health problems that cause permanent damage. Most dangerously, lead poisoning has been linked to brain damage and mental failures, like lifelong learning disabilities. It is too early at this time to know how many of the 130 children — and possibly more — will experience significant cognitive defects due to living in public housing with high levels of lead.

(More information about this ongoing story can be found by clicking here and viewing a full article from The New York Times.)

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