Useful Techniques to Help Prevent TBIs from Car Accidents

Automobile Accident

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by a variety of accidents, from slip and falls to participation in high impact sports. However, one of the leading causes of brain injuries in the United States is violent car accidents. As the majority of adults in the country drive, this means most people are at risk of a TBI whenever they get behind the wheel. Even the most careful and defensive driver can be blindsided by a negligent motorist.

In order to help prevent TBIs in car accidents, keep these tips in mind:

  • Buckle-up: You should never even start your vehicle until ensuring everyone inside is wearing their seatbelt. For young children, help them buckle up and make certain the belt is adjusted accordingly so it fits snuggly on them.
  • Follow the speed limit: Not only is speeding illegal, it is also highly dangerous. When you follow the speed limit, you greatly reduce your chances of losing control of your vehicle, especially when making a turn or sudden maneuvers to avoid a hazard in the road. Furthermore, the forces of a head-on or side-impact collision are the combination of both vehicles’ speeds. Traveling slower means you can help reduce the force of a crash in case someone else hits you.
  • Distance yourself: You can sometimes spot bad drivers from a literal mile away. They will be speeding, making reckless maneuvers, and might even have a car with significant bodily damage. When you see an unsafe driver on the road, do what you can to distance yourself from them.
  • Seek immediate medical attention: After a bad car accident, you should get medical attention without delay. If you do not need to be taken away in an ambulance, you should still go to urgent care and talk to your medical provider about what happened. You could have a mild TBI that will worsen if left untreated.

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