Our Attorneys Use Advanced Trial Techniques to Win Tough Cases

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Catastrophic injury and traumatic brain injury (TBI) claims will be a legal contest for a large sum of money. Plaintiffs who have suffered such severe injuries due to the negligence of another party tend to need tens of thousands of dollars, if not even more, in order to utilize proper treatment. With so much on the line, the defendant is nearly guaranteed to put up a strong resistance. Even if they know the plaintiff deserves a verdict or settlement, a liable defendant might drag the case to trial if it means avoiding a payout.

At Scarlett Law Group, we anticipate for the opposition to try to fight our claims tooth-and-nail. It does not worry us, though, for we have a myriad of advanced trial techniques to catch them off-guard. Plaintiffs who choose our San Francisco personal injury attorneys will be standing behind a powerful, knowledgeable, and intelligent legal force with plenty of “tricks” to win even the most difficult, high-stakes cases.

Some of the advanced trial techniques we use include:

  • Computer programs: The trial world has been forever changed by computer advancements. There are innumerable programs that can help create a clear and convincing argument on behalf of our clients. We might use Microsoft’s Powerpoint®, an animation program, chart and graphing software, and more to empower our arguments. In our experience, most law firms that defend insurance companies have been slow to embrace technology and computers, putting them at a significant disadvantage when we use computer programs to prove a point.
  • Video presentations: A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video presentation is worth a thousand pictures. Our trial attorneys know how to create and compile informative videos that help explain your side of the case. It is also not a secret that judges and juries respond better to information presented in video format, rather than still photographs or just spoken aloud.
  • Brain Gel: For traumatic brain injury cases, we know how to use an interesting and incredibly useful material called Brain Gel. It is a synthetic material that replicates the human brain’s physical attributes. We can use Brain Gel to show exactly how an accident affected the brain and led to our clients’ injuries.

Interested in learning more about our advanced trial techniques and history of incredible case results? Feel free to contact our San Francisco brain injury lawyers at (415) 688-2176 to request an initial consultation.

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