Why are Men More Likely to Suffer TBIs Than Women?

Man with Head Pain

Historically, there is a trend among medical records that show men are more likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) than women. Several studies have been conducted throughout the years, and this always seems to be the conclusion, with only slight variances. What is going on that would cause a man to be more likely to hurt his head so severely that a brain injury occurs?

Reasons why men might be more likely to suffer a brain injury than women could include:

  • Sports: High-impact sports like football and rugby are overwhelmingly played by men compared to women. In recent years, it was even discovered that nearly all professional football players will develop a permanent brain injury at some point in their lives.
  • Combat: Men are also much more likely to enlist in the United States Armed Forces. The odds of a service member returning home with a TBI after seeing live combat are high. Being near a single strong blast can create enough concussive force to cause a brain injury.
  • Occupations: Construction jobs and industrial employment tend to be filled by men, who naturally have more muscular body builds that help with such work. At the same time, construction work can be highly dangerous and result in severe injury, like a TBI.
  • Natural tendencies: Although the official science is out, there is also an assumption that men have a natural tendency to take risks and engage in dangerous behaviors. If true, could it be linked to biological instincts to hunt, war, and protect?
  • Study errors: There are also concerns that there is simply not enough data to reach a sound conclusion about whether or not men truly have a much higher risk of TBI than women. Most studies of the past have focused on men intentionally, like NFL brain damage studies, or inadvertently had a sample size of mostly men.

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