How the Future Medical Care Costs of Catastrophic Injuries Add Up

For many personal injury cases, the medical costs associated with recovery up to the maximum medical improvement (MMI) can be calculated with little complication. Someone might be taken to the hospital, given treatments, stay for a few days, and be released, which creates a clear line of payment records and fees. However, when someone suffers a catastrophic injury, it will be much more difficult to know how much compensation they deserve in a resulting injury claim due to the potentiality of ongoing and expensive future medical care costs.

Catastrophic injuries are often described as a bodily injury that causes some form of permanent debilitation. Someone living with a catastrophic injury may require routine rehabilitation sessions for the rest of their lives to lessen or alleviate pain. They might not be able to hold any form of gainful employment, such as in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) case. A catastrophic injury patient may also never be able to regain the quality of life they once had.

Carefully Negotiating Catastrophic Injury Claims

In order to try to achieve the full amount of compensation needed now and for the future of a catastrophic injury patient, it is the job of their personal injury attorney to approach the situation carefully. Demanding a large number right away may put off a judge or jury, even though the attorney is confident their client needs that much money to live comfortably again. It is better to do thorough research and team up with various industry experts to build an argument that is effective, relatable, and capable of securing all future medical care costs.

Catastrophic injury attorneys often rely on the following experts to improve their clients’ cases:

  • Forensic economists: The careful calculation of pecuniary damages in a catastrophic injury case may require a forensic economist’s specialization. They are equipped accurately to piece together both known damages and all damages predicted, as well as a fair amount of noneconomic damages.
  • Life care planners: Someone living with a catastrophic injury will likely need a caregiver to assist them through a variety of day-to-day tasks unique to their lifestyle and situation. Life care planners can be brought to help with the injury case to better understand what level and kids of caregiving will be necessary and for how long.
  • Vocational rehabilitation specialists: In addition to the challenges of daily life and necessary tasks, a person with a catastrophic injury may have lost psychological, developmental, and emotional functioning. A vocation rehabilitation specialist can assist them in regaining or refining those lessened skills and abilities. Patients with severe injuries may need ongoing vocational rehabilitation.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Your Catastrophic Injury Case

At Scarlett Law Group, our San Francisco catastrophic injury attorneys have 25+ years of total legal experience focused on high-stakes and complicated claims, including brain injury and spinal injury cases. If you or a loved one have been severely injured and now worry about how you will gain the full compensation you need and deserve, please contact us to learn your legal options and rights, as well as how we can go about building you a strong case with the help of experts. Free consultations are available.


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