Can Blood Tests Predict Brain Injuries?

Brain with Lights

When someone suffers a brain injury — ranging from a concussion or a mild brain injury to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) — the metabolic or cellular makeup of the patient can actually change slightly. Researchers have been aware of this reactive alteration for years. It appears that highly advanced blood tests developed only recently can now make use of this knowledge and accurately predict whether or not a patient has suffered brain injury with just a blood sample.

Within a recent study that was published by Lancet Neurology, approximately 2,000 patients who went into emergency care for suspicion of a TBI were used for a sample. All gave a blood sample and underwent traditional computed tomography (CT) head scan in no more than 12 hours since their accident. With both tests used, the researchers could easily compare the results and determine blood test accuracy.

The blood tests were able to predict that a brain injury had not occurred with 96% accuracy. It was also determined that at least 33% of the study participants could have only been given a blood test without any added risk of missing a brain injury had a CT scan also been used.

The applications of the advanced blood tests can benefit patients, medical providers, and insurance groups alike. Patients who might have a TBI now have yet another way to be tested for the injury. The more information found regarding a severe injury the better. Doctors can use the blood tests and get a clear result in a relatively short amount of time, allowing them to better decide how to move forward with medical treatments. Lastly, insurance companies can appreciate the low cost of the testing methods, as CT scans can sometimes be quite expensive.

For more information about the advanced blood tests that can detect a brain injury, including the fine details about how it works, you can click here to view a full article about it posted by Forbes. (Login information or subscription account may be necessary.) If you have been diagnosed with a brain injury and you suspect it was caused by someone else’s negligence, let our San Francisco catastrophic injury attorneys from Scarlett Law Group know. Using our 25+ years of legal experience, we can help determine if you have a valid claim, and the extent of compensation you deserve if you do.

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