Automobile Safety Tips for Pregnant Mothers

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As a pregnant mother, you are certainly doing everything you can to keep yourself and your unborn child safe. However, you are probably still engaging in an inherently dangerous activity more often than you realize: driving a car. Some of the worst catastrophic injuries, like brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, happen due to car accidents.

You probably cannot simply stop driving your automobile, though. Most of us depend on our cars for day-to-day and necessary obligations, like going to work, school, shopping, and so on. Instead of trying to cut out driving from your schedule altogether, you can instead just remember some smart safety tips for pregnant mothers who drive.

  1. Seatbelt safety: Proper seatbelt positioning is highly important for everyone, but even more so for pregnant mothers. You should still use a seatbelt with a waist loop and a shoulder strap, but the proper placement of the belt will be different depending on your stage of pregnancy. In general, you should keep the waist loop below your stomach and the shoulder strap above it. Your vehicle’s operation manual may have more specific information about how to position the seatbelt.
  2. Airbag is a must: Do not disable your airbag. While it might be frightening to think of an airbag bursting right against you in a crash, it is safer than not having one at all. If you are worried your vehicle might have an airbag recall, please visit today and take appropriate action if your vehicle has been recalled.
  3. Seat adjustments: Instead of shutting off the airbag, you should adjust your seat to put as much space between yourself and the steering wheel or dashboard as possible while still being comfortable while driving. Do not slide your seat so far back, you need to exert yourself to reach the pedals or see your mirrors. Once again, you might find more information about seating adjustments in your vehicle’s operation manual.
  4. Minimize drive time: As it has been mentioned, you probably cannot just stop driving, but you can reduce the amount of time you do drive. You should always see if there is a trusted family member or friend who can drive for you, or complete errands on your behalf. Take a second look at your tasks and see what could possibly be put off for the time being. When you do need to drive, try to combine errands into one total trip to reduce the number of times you actually head out on the road.

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