Congress Must Address Federal Spending Next Week to Avoid Government Shutdown

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The current Continuing Resolution (CR) funding federal government expires next Friday. As a result, Congress is considering how to continue funding to avoid a government shutdown. The House Republican Leadership is considering a two-step process. Initially, Congress will need to pass a CR through December 22nd at the current level, with no other provisions. Next, it would be necessary to pass another CR to extend government through mid-January, to give more time to pass the 12 spending bills funding federal government.

There is some support to include funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), community health centers, and to stabilize insurance markets in keeping with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the CR, but House members do not want those measures in the first CR. These measures could be added in the second CR, but there is not a firm agreement as to whether that would take place. The House has passed all appropriations bills, but the Senate has not yet taken up any of the spending bills.

This urgent development is still pending, so you may check for further updates once Congress has consulted over the current situation.

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