Direct Transfer of TBI Patients Significantly Improves Patient Outcomes

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Considered to be a serious health concern, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Recent studies have shown that the timing of medical intervention is a key aspect when it comes to lowering mortality rates and improving patient outcomes for people with TBI.

A research study conducted in New York examined the outcomes of TBI patents who were immediately transferred to trauma centers after their injury, versus those who went to trauma centers at secondary locations. The study collected its data from nearly 2,000 patient records. The study revealed that:

  • 22.2% of patients with severe TBI were directly transferred to trauma centers, while 21.9% were transferred from a secondary assessment location.
  • Patients who were directly transferred after their TBI injury received medical attention at a significantly faster rate than those receiving treatment at secondary assessment locations.
  • For direct-transfer TBI patients, the mortality rate was significantly lower than indirect-transfer patients. Direct-transfer TBI patients had a mortality rate of 19.3%, while indirect-transfer TBI patients had a mortality rate of 35.8%.

When it comes to severe traumatic brain injuries, the minutes and hours immediately following the injury are critical for mortality and other positive patient outcomes. Emergency professionals are advised to send patients directly from the injury scene to a Level I or Level II trauma center. Doing this can substantially decrease the chance of injury-related mortality.

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