Cervical Spine Injuries in Young Children: Accidental vs Inflicted

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Trauma is the main cause of death and injury among young children. In fact, head injuries in children appear to be on the rise. Although less common than direct head trauma, injury to the cervical spine (C-spine) can be more difficult to diagnose, especially when other bodily trauma is present. A C-spine injury can be accidental and usually occur in motor vehicle collisions. However, this type of injury can also be inflicted by a caregiver who violently shakes a child out of frustration or anger. A cervical spine injury can not only seriously endanger a child’s safety, it can also be fatal.

Researchers in California conducted a cohort study of 73 children who were under three-years old and admitted to the hospital for a C-spine injury. The goal of the study is to help researchers better understand the differences between accidental and inflicted C-spine injuries in young children. Data collected from the study shows that children whose C-spine injuries were inflicted by shaking were younger, had more severe injuries, and suffered long-term disability more frequently than children with accidental C-spine injuries.

Head and spine injuries are a serious health concern for young children. Sadly, C-spine injuries are often inflicted by caregivers who are uneducated about the detrimental consequences of spinal injuries in infants and toddlers. It is vital that parents and caregivers become educated about the danger of shaking a young child who will not be quiet or behave. This could be a useful preventative measure and can help reduce the amount of C-spine injuries inflicted upon young children.

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