Top 3 Ways to Avoid Sharing the Road with Drunk Drivers This Summer

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As the weather warms and more teenagers are free for the summer months, people might start to see an increase in social gatherings, alcohol, and drunk driving. Here are a few tips to avoid being hit by a drunk driver this summer.

1. Avoid Driving at Night

One of the most dangerous times to drive is at night not only because visibility is reduced, but because anyone inclined to drunk driving is either off of work or coming home from a celebration. People might have had a couple of drinks at dinner and are on the way home when they get into a collision. Additionally, drunk drivers are also out in force around 3 a.m., or whenever bars in your neighborhood begin to close. Avoiding the roads during these hours is a wise decision if you can possibly manage to do so.

2. Avoid Driving on “Drinking Holidays”

If you plan on visiting friends and relatives during Independence Day, plan on spending the night or finding a local hotel room to stay in. Times of high celebration often lead to extensive drinking and poor decisions. Many drunk drivers will be on the road at this time, which is why law enforcement sometimes set up sobriety checkpoints during these holidays.

3. Stay Far Away from Suspicious Drivers

If you’re an experienced driver, you may have seen people you suspect of being drunk or under the influence of some other illegal substance. Alcohol has the tendency to reduce a person’s coordination, sense of balance, and perspective. Drunk drivers are also uninhibited, which means they’re less concerned with the rules of the road and will make impulsive choices while driving. If you see anyone who is blatantly disregarding the rules of driving, or who can’t keep to a straight line when behind the wheel, make sure to keep a very safe distance between you and that vehicle.

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