Protect Access to Care for Individual with Brain Injuries - Vote NO on AHCA

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Reportedly only minutes before the American Health Care Act (AHCA) – also called TrumpCare in unofficial circles – was going to go before Congress for a vote, it was yanked off the schedule due to a promise of defeat. Some newsrooms have picked up rumors that it will return to Congress sometime next week or no later than the second week of April for a vote. It is not clear if the proposed act will have been edited at all by that point. Many believe the delay was simply to buy the GOP more time to secure votes through lobbying.

If you want to protect your access to medical care after suffering a serious injury, such as a brain injury, you must do your part in ensuring the American Health Care Act is not passed by a Congress vote, now or later. Call your Congress representatives TODAY and tell them to Vote NO on the AHCA! You can call the Capitol Switchboard at 202 – 224 – 3121 and ask to be connected to your own Member of Congress.

Why the AHCA Deserves a NO Vote

In an age when most Americans are concerned about healthcare coverage being too expensive to afford on an average budget, the AHCA would actually raise premiums 20% in most cases. It would also allow premiums for people over the age of 50 to be priced at 500% the rate of a younger enrollee with similar or identical health conditions. The AHCA would increase out-of-pocket costs and deductibles and leave an estimated 24 million people without health insurance.

Furthermore, the changes made to the Essential Health Benefits (EHB) make coverage worse for just about everyone. It effectively eliminates annual out-of-pocket caps and reinstates annual and lifetime coverage limits. This translates directly to reducing how much coverage you can collect while not reducing your premiums. Many protections for preexisting conditions are eliminated because most insurance policies will not include coverage for essential benefits, like rehabilitation, resulting in massive cost hikes for those who need them.

Brain injury victims in particular are being targeted by AHCA changes. Medicaid cuts and alterations to health insurance rules will dramatically limit healthcare and rehabilitation access for individuals living with permanent or traumatic brain injuries.

Tell Your Congress Member NO on AHCA

Even though American citizens are not permitted to directly vote on the American Health Care Act, you can make your voice be heard by speaking directly to your Congress member. Once again, dial the Capitol Switchboard at 202 – 224 – 3121, ask to talk to your Congress representative, and tell them to “Vote NO on the AHCA” so that you can continue to afford medical coverage. Be sure to share your stories so your Senate and House of Representative members know exactly what is at stake.

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