Call Now to Stop Medicaid Cuts & Health Care Repeal

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Congress is on a fast track to repeal significant portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and to make drastic cuts to Medicaid. If this bill is approved, a series of cuts over time will decimate the Medicaid program.

The House of Representatives is acting quickly to push this bill through Committee and vote by the end of March. The Senate plans to vote on the bill prior to the mid-April recess.

What You Can Do

The health, services, and lives of millions of people are at stake! Advocates, like you, are needed to contact their Senators and Representatives and urge them to stop the repeal of the ACA and Medicaid cuts. Advocates must explain why the ACA and Medicaid are important to those with disabilities and their families.

Message 1: Do NOT Cut and Cap Medicaid!

Medicaid is a jointly-funded program with matching state and federal funds. If a Medicaid per capita cap were instituted, the federal government would limit the amount of reimbursement to states according to enrollment in the Medicaid program – as opposed to the current law, which states that funding would not be based on the actual cost of providing services.

Similar to proposed grant blocks, the intention of the caps is to restructure the program, enabling the federal government to save money. Eventually, the cuts will extend to each individual state.

Negative impacts to recipients of Medicaid include:

  • Loss of home and community-based support and services
  • Loss of critical services, such as personal care, prescription drugs, personal care, and rehabilitation
  • Extensive, growing waiting lists
  • Fluctuated costs to individuals and families to make up for federal cuts
  • Being forced into unnecessary institutionalization, especially regarding those with disabilities

Message 2: Do NOT Repeal the ACA’s Protections for People with Disabilities!

The ACA offers a variety of protections for those with disabilities as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Due to the Medicaid expansion, more people with disabilities and chronic health conditions have access to health care.

By law, health insurers cannot deny health insurance or charge higher premiums if you have a disability or chronic condition. Furthermore, there aren’t financial limits to the amount of health care a person can obtain in a year or lifetime.

Take Actions & Fight for Disability Rights Now!

Call your Senators and Representatives today 202-224-3121. Call your Governors and remind them what cuts to the Medicaid would mean for the state budget and why they matter to you.

As soon as you get in touch with these government officials, say the following:

  • I am your constituent
  • I am a person with a disability, I am a family member of someone with a disability, or I am a professional in the disability field
  • Do not repeal the ACA without a replacement that maintains or improves coverage and protections
  • Do not allow restructuring and cuts to Medicaid to be part of an ACA replacement
  • The ACA and Medicaid helps me/my family member to have health care and community-based services

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