5 Tips to Avoid a Firework Accident on Fourth of July

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Many families enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July, whether it be a professional show or a few small fireworks at home. Fireworks are beautiful, but the can easily cause painful burns and injuries. Learn how to prevent firework accidents this summer.

1. Know the Laws in Your Area

Fireworks can be heavily regulated, especially in urban areas. Familiarize yourself with the laws in your area, and follow them. These laws are in place for not only your safety, but the safety of those around you. Look up the laws online, or contact your local fire department to learn more.

2. Set off Fireworks in a Clear Area

Prevent fires by setting off approved fireworks in a clear area, far from structures, trees, or other flammable objects. Pavement, concrete, or clear dirt are good places to use fireworks. Additionally, keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher within reach.

3. Never Let Children Handle Fireworks

Children should be kept clear of the area, and should not be permitted to handle or light fireworks. Older kids may want to help with the fireworks, but they should be closely supervised if you allow them to do so.

4. Keep Clear of Fireworks While Lighting Them

Do not bend over fireworks while trying to light them. Keep your face, hands, and legs clear of the firework, and retreat to a safe distance once the firework has been lit. Do not hold lit fireworks, aim them at others, or throw them. Fireworks can be unpredictable, especially if they have been altered or damaged. Keeping clear of them can help prevent injuries.

5. Always Follow Directions

When using fireworks, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for use and storage. Never store fireworks near flammable objects or heat sources. Do not alter fireworks in any way, except in ways directed by the manufacturer to prepare the firework. If you are unsure if a firework is safe to use, don’t light it.

At the Scarlett Law Group, we hope you celebrate a safe Fourth of July. If you are injured, however, don’t hesitate to speak to our San Francisco personal injury attorneys. We are dedicated to helping our injured clients protect their rights and receive the compensation they deserve.

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