Mild TBI in Major and Minor League Baseball Players

Person Sitting with Face in His Hands

Most sports-related mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) occurs during collision sports, such as football or rugby. Although these injuries still occur frequently across all athletic domains, research on mTBI in non-collision sports, such as baseball, is near non-existent. A group of American researchers thus expanded sports-related TBI inquiries by conducting the first-ever study of mTBI among professional baseball players.

To this end, researchers accessed the Major League Baseball’s electronic medical records, in which thousands of baseball players have consented to share their clinical information. This study focused on a few mTBI-related variables included in this vast medical record: injury severity, cause of injury, and playing time lost due to injury. They found that:

  • Most baseball players who sustained an mTBI were minor league players.
  • The median time loss for both major and minor league players was 9 days.
  • Most of the mTBIs were sustained during fielding, running, and batting.

Understanding the causes and complications of mTBI in sports is essential for appropriate post-injury treatment and for adequate prevention measures, but information on TBI in non-collision sports is lacking in this regard. This study demonstrated that certain activities and positions on the baseball field may be more prone to concussive injury, allowing the MLB to refine safety protocol for their major and minor league players. Comprehensive study of TBI and sports is necessary to ensure the wellbeing of any athlete who may be affected by this common injury.

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