Study Finds Link Between TBI and Parkinson's, but not Alzheimer's

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The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has found a link between traumatic brain injuries (TBI) resulting in a loss of consciousness and Parkinson’s disease. However, there has not been a connection to TBI and Alzheimer’s disease. This study – the largest ever on this topic with data from 7,130 older adults – is considered significant in that it challenges previous high-profile studies that claimed to have discovered a link between TBI and Alzheimer’s/dementia. In summary, according to this study, “the results of this study suggest that some individuals with a history of TBI are at risk for late-life neurodegeneration but not Alzheimer's disease.” These findings suggest that clinicians may be misdiagnosing TBI-related neurodegeneration as Alzheimer’s disease, rendering treatment for Alzheimer’s ineffective at treating the root cause of the problem.

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