Methane-Rich Saline Treatment for Carbon Monoxide-Related Brain Injury

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Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is one of the most lethal and harmful non-traumatic brain injuries, and up to 40% of survivors will experience long-term complications. Researchers have found that the dangerous drop in blood oxygen levels that patients experience during CO poisoning can directly damage brain tissue, usually caused by inflammation or necrosis (cell death).

In current clinical practice, the only treatment for CO poisoning is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which reduces the amount of CO in the blood and restores oxygen concentrations. However, patients may still experience long-term complications even after hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Clinicians are currently evaluating alternative methods for CO poisoning treatment. One such alternative is methane-rich saline, which can reduce inflammation of brain tissue in animals and may help regulate blood oxygen levels.

Further research into methane-rich saline treatment is necessary to determine its exact effects on human physiology. However, if this method proves a viable alternative to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it may add to the number of clinical options available to those who have suffered CO poisoning.

Source: Çorbacıoğlu, Ş. New potential-treatment options in brain injury due to acute carbon monoxide poisoning in future. Journal of the Neurological Sciences. (August 2016).

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