11th Annual Brain Injury Business Practice College Announcement

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We would like to announce that the Brain Injury Association of America will be hosting their 11th Annual BIAA Brain Injury Business Practice College, February 22 through the 24, at the New Orleans Bio Innovation Center.

This conference is for any and all brain injury business professionals and will touch on a wide range of resources and information for people in the following positions:

  • Chief executive officers
  • Chief operating officers
  • Chief financial officers
  • Program administrators
  • Program managers
  • Human resource directors
  • Sales directors
  • Marketing professionals

During the convention, various representatives will explain a large variety of issues that are currently affecting today’s healthcare landscape. Additionally, the college seeks to discuss what goals brain injury professionals can pursue in order to create constant success for BIAA. The following topics will be discussed during the three-day college:

  • The current political landscape, legislative landscape, and trends brain injury professionals can expect to see
  • How constant advocacy can impact businesses and the accessibility of care
  • How conditions and external forces can affect the organization’s growth
  • Case studies regarding trends, opportunities, and threats
  • And much more

Scarlett Law Group Cares About You

At Scarlett Law Group, our San Francisco traumatic brain injury lawyers truly care about you and your family. That is why we are so adamant about sharing this type of information with the public. We believe that the stronger BIAA is, the more benefits traumatic brain injury victims can receive. At our firm, we work intimately with our clients and, for this reason, are able to gain a great understanding as to what families go through after loved ones are harmed in life-changing accidents. That is why we do our best to increase awareness and promote BIAA’s advancements.

When you need compassionate services on your side, get in touch with our San Francisco traumatic brain injury lawyers!

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