Diagnosing mTBI With Eye Movement

man with hands over face

eye movement mTBI diagnosisAssessing eye movement is a common test done by neurologists to identify various potential problems in the brain. However, eye movement is not typically used to diagnose mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), even though past research has shown that mTBI can result in abnormal eye movement.

A recent study showed that an automated eye-tracking tool used to measure changes in eye movement can not only detect mTBI, it can also identify recovery over time. When participants were trained on the tool, the accuracy rate for detecting mTBI was 100%. Untrained participants were 89% accurate with mTBI diagnosis.

There are currently few reliable assessments for diagnosing mTBI, and the automated eye-tracking tool has the potential to become one way to verify both injury and recovery.

Komogortsev OV & Holland CD. The application of eye movement biometrics in the automated detection of mild traumatic brain injury. Association for Computing Machinery. (April 2014).