ADHD Increases Athletes Risk of Concussion

soccer ball to mans head

adhd sports concussionConcussion, sometimes called mild traumatic brain injury, can result in problems with memory and attention. Repeated concussion increases the risk that memory and attention problems will become chronic. Those at risk of sustaining repeated concussion, such as athletes, are therefore at greater risk of developing long-term memory and attention problems.

However, the association between concussion and memory or attention problems is bi-directional. Having previous memory or attention problems may also place a person at a greater risk of enduring repeated concussion. A recent study of 139 university athletes analyzed the incidence of previously diagnosed ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and concussion. The researchers found that those with ADHD were significantly more likely to have a history of concussion than those without ADHD.

These results may be helpful for assessing the risk and management of concussion athletes with ADHD.

Alosco ML, Fedor AF, & Gunstad J. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a risk factor for concussions in NCAA division-I athletes. Brain Injury. (April 2014).