The Scarlett Law Group Encourages Brain Injury Victims to Take the Affordable Care Act Consumer Survey

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The Brain Injury Association of America is a foundation whose mission is to advocate and develop more advanced forms of prevention, research, treatment, and education on behalf of victims who have suffered brain injuries of any kind.

This association is committed to increasing access to top-tier healthcare services so that people suffering brain injuries can receive help while others can attain understanding and awareness about such injuries. In an effort to help traumatic brain injury victims, BIAA works with a wide-range network that includes state affiliates, support groups, and local chapters. It is the group’s mission to be the voice of brain injury victims and their families.

Recently, the foundation announced they have launched a survey that will allow them to better understand whether or not the Affordable Care Act is actually serving the needs of brain injury victims. The association is encouraging those who have health care coverage through private insurance provided by an employer or by a healthcare marketplace or “exchange” to fill out a survey on their website. This survey can be found here.

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