Santa Anita Park Hosting Walk & Ride for Brain Injury Event

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The Brain Injury Association of California will be hosting the Eighth Annual Walk & Ride for Brain Injury event on Saturday, September 12 at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA.

Founded in 2005, the Brain Injury Association of California (BIACAL), an affiliate of the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), strives to improve the quality of life of Californians affected by brain injuries by advancing injury research, prevention, education, and treatment.

Brain injuries, regardless of their degree of severity, type, or cause, can have a profound impact on the way a person thinks, acts, talks, feels, and moves. It is the number one leading cause of disability and death among all races, ages, and ethnicities in the U.S. It is also one of the most misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and underfunded types of injury, which is why BIACAL has organized the Walk & Ride for Brain Injury event to raise awareness and funding.

By participating in this event and donating to the cause, you will help BIACAL achieve the following goals:

  • Promoting awareness through annual events
  • Encouraging brain injury prevention through concussion response training
  • Providing sport helmets and information sheets to children
  • Initiating support groups in underserved areas
  • Providing training to volunteer support group facilitators
  • Offering education through yearly conferences and monthly webinars
  • Initiating Academy of Brain Injury Specialist (ACBIS) Training for professionals serving people with brain injuries

For more information about this important organization, please visit the Brain Injury Association of California’s website at

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