Traumatic Brain Injury May Be an Independent Risk Factor for Stroke

Clinician with Brain Image

ischemic strokeA recent study investigated if traumatic brain injury (TBI) leads to ischemic stroke. Researchers used California state emergency department and inpatient databases to compare groups hospitalized for TBI (as defined by the Centers for Disease Control) or non-TBI injuries. Accounting for variances in patient demographics, trauma severity, and other hazards, researchers correlated diagnoses of TBI with the outcome of acute ischemic stroke.

Compared to the control group, TBI patients were younger and suffered more severe injuries. After a follow-up period and adjustment, the researchers determined TBI was a risk factor for stroke independent of other predictors; and that compared to the non-TBI patients, TBI patients were 30% more likely to suffer stroke.

Burke J F, Stulc J L, et al. Traumatic brain injury may be an independent risk factor for stroke. Neurology. (July 2013).