Excessive Sleep Need Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case-Control Study of 36 Patients.

Person in Bed with Head Pain

sleep-deprived1Post-traumatic pleiosomnia, or increased sleep need following traumatic brain injury (TBI), is a common symptom of TBI that researchers have focused on in a study from University Hospital Zurich.

The study compared sleep-related metrics of a group of 36 TBI patients with post-traumatic pleiosomnia with the metrics of a group of 36 control patients. The data collected in the study revealed the TBI group slept longer than the control group; the group with TBI also underestimated their need to sleep. 15 of the TBI patients also experienced excessive daytime sleepiness, and 10 exhibited symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation.

The study suggests that TBI patients underestimate their sleep needs and therefore experience post-traumatic pleiosomnia more frequently than reported by current literature.

Sommerauer M, Valko P O, Werth E, and Baumann C R. Excessive sleep need following traumatic brain injury: a case-control study of 36 patients. Journal of Sleep Research