Effect of Fish Oil Supplementation in a Rat Model of Multiple Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

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fish oil supplements and mTBIA recent study investigated the ability of an omega-3 fatty acid-rich diet in reducing cognitive deficits and the death of brain cells in cases of repetitive mild traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Scientists subjected two groups of rats to repetitive bilateral fluid percussion TBI, feeding one group of rats food enriched with 6 percent fish oil before and after TBI was administered. After TBI and compared to the control rats, the rats who received the fish oil performed better in maze testing, lost less weight, and recovered weight faster.

Study of brain specimens of the two groups demonstrated a higher density of neurons in the hippocampus of the group receiving the fish oil; this higher density implies improvement in cognitive performance for the fish oil group compared to the control group.

Wang T, Van K C, et al. Effect of fish oil supplementation in a rat model of multiple mild traumatic brain injuries. Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience. (July 2013).