Laptop and Gavel

As BIACAL prepares to present SB 320 before the members of the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, May 1st, we are asking all individuals to submit letters of support by Tuesday, April 23rd and/or sign the petition in support of the bill.  In addition, please be proactive in asking others to do the same.  We must demonstrate a strong show of support for this important legislation.  Sample letters and the petition are available as attachments on this email blast and also available on the Legislative Page on BIACAL’s website at

Providing the bill moves beyond the Senate Health Committee hearing, we will continue to ask for letters of support and signed petitions so please do not stop your efforts once the April 23rd deadline passes. This will be an ongoing process throughout the life of the bill.

In addition to presenting SB 320 at the hearing, we are planning a Press Conference the morning of May 1st (time and location to be determined).

BIACAL is asking individuals able and willing to travel to Sacramento on May 1st as a show of support for SB 320 to arrive prior to 1:30 pm as the hearing will begin promptly at that time.  Be advised that other legislation will also be presented on May 1st and we do not know where SB 320 will be placed on the agenda at this time.  Once all witnesses in support and opposed to the bill have provided their testimony, individuals from the audience will be allowed to pass before the microphone to state their name, their affiliation to brain injury, and that they are present at the hearing in support of SB 320.  Our goal is to fill the room which will make an important visual statement to the Senators voting on the bill.  If you are planning to attend the hearing, please email Paula Daoutis at [email protected] so we can monitor the attendance.

Lastly – BIACAL is seeking 10 volunteers willing to stand outside the Capitol beginning at 9:00 am and solicit signatures on the petition in support of SB 320.  Anyone wishing to perform this task is asked to email Paula Daoutis at [email protected]  All volunteers will receive a BIACAL t-shirt that they can wear while soliciting the signatures.