Cholesterol Medication Helps Repair Brain After Traumatic Brain Injury

Woman with Hands at Side of Face in Pain

Simvasatin, a medication commonly used to reduce cholesterol, has recently been shown to reduce damage to the brain after a traumatic brain injury. In an animal study of diffuse axonal injury, simvastatin that was administered for 14 days after injury showed evidence of reduced injury severity, maintained axonal density, and stimulated neuronal growth.

In addition, simvastatin was associated with improved functional recovery, including motor skills, sensory skills, and reflexes. The benefits of simvastatin after traumatic brain injury has previously been noted, however, this is the first study to show improvement after diffuse axonal injury.

Wu H, Mahmood A, Qu C, Xiong Y, & Chopp M. Simvastatin attenuates axonal injury after experimental traumatic brain injury and promotes neurite outgrowth of primary cortical neurons. Brain Research. (November 2012).