Aggressive Versus Routine Care Of TBI-Which Is More Cost Effective?

brain scans

The economic burden of a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) is substantial. Aggressive medical procedures such as a decompressive craniectomy or invasive intracranial monitoring add further expense, and may not always contribute to a positive outcome. Past research about the cost-effectiveness of aggressive procedures after a TBI has been mixed.

However, a recent study found that, when compared to routine care of TBI, aggressive care is significantly cost-effective. Despite the higher initial cost of aggressive care, it results in a lower lifetime cost than routine care. Aggressive care was shown to be cost-effective across all age groups, including those over age 80. Routine care that primarily relies on providing comfort is associated with a poorer outcome and greater lifetime cost. Comfort care should be reserved for those who are clearly beyond the benefit of more aggressive treatment.

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