Inexpensive iPhone And iPad Applications For People With a Brain Injury

Brain with Colorful Designs Wrapped Around It

There has been a flood of adaptive iPhone or iPad applications that can help assist in every day life skills, mood stabilization, and cognitive recovery for people who have had a brain injury. Some can be pricey, such as the Proloquo2Go ($189.99), which helps transform text to speech. But there are many others that or free or very inexpensive, and can be just as life-changing. Some examples are:

  1. DragonDictation (free)-a voice recognition program that allows people to speak and see their words on the screen. With it, a person can text, email, or even update Facebook without having to use their hands.
  2. WordWarp (free)-a game that helps you create as many words as possible from a selection of letters. This can help train memory and executive function after a brain injury.
  3. My Emergency Info ($0.99)-an app that gathers important emergency information such as doctor names, medications, medical conditions, and family contacts. It can also help find nearby hospitals.
  4. Pill Time ($0.99)-a reminder system that alerts people to take a medication-even when the application is not running.
  5. LocateMeNow ($0.99)-a GPS-like application that find the address of your current location.
  6. T2 Mood Tracker (Free)-an easy-to-use monitor that helps track various moods, emotions, and stress level. It comes with an alarm that reminds people to complete it at various times of the day so that mood can be tracked and charted.

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