The Characteristics of Spinal Cord Injury In Children

Doctor Reviewing Spinal Model

In a medical review of ninety-three children under age 10 who sustained a spinal cord injury, it was found that:

1. At 36%, automobile crash was the most common cause of injury,
2. At 29%, being run over by a car was the second most common cause of injury,
3. At almost 12%, firearm injuries was the third most common cause of injury,
4. Nearly 94% of the patients suffered a complete neurological injury,
5. Almost 36% of the spinal cord injury patients also had a traumatic brain injury, and
6. Five of the children died from their injuries.

Understanding the causes of spinal cord injury in children is important for developing education and preventative measures. For instance, although the use of seat belts and car seats are mandatory for the children, the study found that 14 of the children injured were not using a seat belt or car seat, 10 young children were on the lap of an adult, and 2 were riding in the back of a pickup truck.

Gepp RDA & Nadal LG. Spinal cord trauma in children under 10 years of age: Clinical characteristics and prevention. Childs Nervous System. (July 2012).