Life After Acquired Brain Injury: How ABI In Children Affects Participation

brain scans

Participation is defined as “involvement in a life situation.” Through this participation, children and adolescents acquire skills and competencies, and achieve physical and mental health. To increase understanding of how participation and recovery trajectories are linked in youth with acquired brain injury, researchers have recently examined available tools for measuring participation outcomes.
The study found that while some tools-like the Child and Adolescent Scale Participation and Children's Assessment of Participation and Enjoyment (CAPE)-exist, they are underutilized in research. The study also suggests that a mixed quantitative/qualitative approach in research may provide the broadest picture of participation by ABI youth.
Consistent use of validated tools by researchers and blending qualitative and quantitative techniques will provide information on how and to what extent brain injury affects youth participation, and give providers strategies to maximize social engagement.
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